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"a picture is worth a thousand words" ...

Let us visualize animation, simulation results and tutorials that illustrate designing and modeling with DynaSim.

DynaSim Road

User, guided by the intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, easily models all types of road development, from the most elementary to the most complex.

Presentation vidéo route

Designs intersections, interchanges

Optimization of traffic signal programming

Insertion of public transportation

DynaSim Parking

The only microsimulation software dedicated to parking simulation.

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Simulations of parking lot and street parking

The user quickly analyzes and simulates the operation of various parking configurations by editing on a base map, parking lots, attractors, driveways and drivers behaviors.

DynaSim Railway

Microsimulation of rail schedules

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Modelling the train infrastructures

Graphic edition of rails, signals, sidings, routes, train compositions. Automatic generation of blocks and protections.

Aided design for train schedules

Interactive edition of missions, with or without prerequisite. Operations (hook, unhook etc.) are defined by clicking directly on the material displayed during simulation.

DynaSim Multimodal

Understanding, anticipating, improving the port area operations by simulating the interactions between various modes of transportation.

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Cars, trucks, two-wheelers, pedestrians.

Online Missions, rail maneuvers.

Berthing, unberthing, daily schedules.

Next Step

Innovation, designing, implementing, improvements gained thanks to returns of user's experience are the driving principles of our R & D activities.

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Forthcoming: simulation of pedestrian (stations, stadiums and shopping centers).

Ground traffic Simulation for all types of rolling stock.